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We have a proven track record of selling residential and commercial real estate throughout Palm Beach County. We will listen carefully to understand your goals and guide you through the entire process of selling your property from listing, all the way through to the sale.

Your property has many values: one is to the tax assessor, another to a lender or insurance company, and yet another value to you, the owner. It also has different values to prospective Buyers, depending on their needs, desires and financial resources.
There are many factors that influence the market value of your property, including location, Buyer demand and financing. The purpose of this presentation is to establish the value of your property so that we can work together to set an appropriate listing price.
Market Value is described as "the price at which a willing Seller will sell, and a willing buyer will buy, neither being under abnormal pressure." In estimating the fair market value of a property, all relevant factors are carefully taken into account. We evaluate the same variables considered by a professional appraiser. This information is combined with information on the recently sold properties in your area with similar features to those in your home.
A market evaluation supplies the necessary data to accurately estimate the market value of your property in today's market. It does not limit the actual selling price of the property. It does, however, provide a strong foundation upon which you may base your expectations.
The market data approach that we use to estimate market value is based upon the established concept that a prudent Buyer will pay no more for a property than it will cost to secure a comparable substitute.
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